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Company of Heroes Battlegrounds

Company System

Design and command your own custom companies. Capitalize on your enemies weaknesses, shore up your defenses, and employ new strategies. The changes made to your company as you progress persist from battle to battle, so do not make choices lightly!

Campaign Map

Redefine history with your own military campaigns. This new theater of war can be enjoyed solo, in co-op, or versus other players. As you move across the war torn battlefields you must carefully pick your engagements. Fortifying strategic locations, defending supply lines, and preparing for enemy movements are key to a successful campaign.

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To ensure victory on the battlefields that lay ahead, you will have to manage the logistics of your company. Fuel to propel your vehicles and munitions to be fired upon the enemy. You will need to plan carefully to keep your supply lines to your company intact and capable of fighting as you progress.

This is an optional feature that can be turned off at any time

Enviromental System

Not only will you have to overcome your enemies, but also the challenges that may be presented by the environment. A clear skied day can quickly turn into a stormy night, or anywhere in between. As you lead your company you will have to be prepared for such adversities.

This is an optional feature that can be turned off at any time

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